World-class designs to make a splash in city’s history

Brisbane City Council is calling for a wave of world-class designers to put forward their best ideas for vibrant new water features in King George Square and the Brisbane River, as part of an innovative design competition.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said Council was investing $6.6 million towards the two projects as part of its commitment to provide vibrant, open spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy.

“We are calling on the world’s best designers to design and construct a water feature in King George Square and a fountain in the Brisbane River, adding to Brisbane’s New World City identity” Cr Quirk said.

“Designers are asked to develop concepts for three possible locations in King George Square and two locations in the Brisbane River, that reflect the unique city landmarks.

“We want entrants to think outside the box to work within the parameters of each location, while creating something impressive that will be a feature of our city for years to come.”

Potential locations for a water feature in King George Square are beside the busway entrance on Adelaide Street, on the platform in front of City Hall or along the stairs next to the café.

The three King George Square locations will be constrained by the surrounding leased areas, road reserve, pedestrian access and load bearing considerations up to 3 tonnes.

The river fountain will be limited to a base area of 25 square metres and can have a load weight of up to 10 tonnes.

Cr Quirk said the Brisbane River fountain would be named in honour of prolific Brisbane artist Daphne Mayo and would be located opposite the Brisbane sign or the Gallery of Modern Art.

“These projects are part of Council’s commitment to enhance Brisbane’s open spaces, making our city more liveable and sustainable,” he said.

“The Brisbane River and King George Square are two of our city’s most iconic landmarks, with millions of people travelling up and down the River’s city reach and nearly 120 separate events held in the Square each year, with many more community meetings.

“The fountain and water feature will both be beautiful, vibrant additions to the character of inner-city Brisbane and will help celebrate our subtropical lifestyle which contributes so strongly to the city’s success and its economy.

“I look forward to seeing what designers have in store for these two new iconic features and wish submitters the best of luck as they develop their detailed concepts and drawings.”

Expressions of interest for the design competition are now open and can be submitted via the Brisbane City Council website.

Submitters will be required to meet a range of criteria including constructability, innovation, sustainability and safety and adhere to a pre-determined delivery timeframe.