Tunnel boring underway on Kingsford Smith Drive

Infrastructure Chairman Amanda Cooper today launched a tunnel-boring machine to commence construction on a major stormwater infrastructure relocation and upgrade, as part of the $650 million congestion-busting Kingsford Smith Drive project.

Cr Cooper said a 100 metre long tunnel would be bored underneath Kingsford Smith Drive, between Cameron Rocks Reserve and Cooksley Street, to reduce localised stormwater flooding.

“This 28 tonne boring machine will create a two metre wide tunnel, using the same construction methods used for Brisbane’s Legacy Way tunnel, with little impacts on the community or motorists,” Cr Cooper said.

“While stormwater lines are usually laid through open-cut trenches, due to the extent and location of this upgrade, a tunnel will be bored up to 4.5 metres deep underground.

“The machine will bore through rock, clay and soil at a rate of seven metres every eight hours and is expected to take around six weeks to complete.

“Once the tunnel has been bored, segments of concrete pipe will be pushed through the shaft and pieced together to form the completed stormwater drain.

“This new stormwater line will increase drainage capacity around Breakfast Creek and Hamilton, reducing localised flooding during heavy rainfall, and allowing obsolete stormwater pipes to be decommissioned.”

Cr Cooper said the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade was one of 90 road projects planned by Council to tackle traffic congestion across the city.

“The widening of Kingsford Smith Drive to six lanes will cut travel times by up to 30 per cent, helping commuters get home quicker and safer,” she said.

“Once complete, pedestrians and cyclists will benefit from a fully-separated riverwalk, linking Hamilton Northshore to Breakfast Creek.”

Cr Cooper said marine construction on the upgrade was well underway, with retaining walls being installed to support the widening of Kingsford Smith Drive into the Brisbane River.

“Large concrete panels are being cast at a construction site in Morningside, being ferried across the river by barge for installation,” she said.

The Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade will see the road widened from four to six lanes between Theodore Street at Eagle Farm and Cooksley Street at Hamilton, and will also include improvement works between Cooksley Street and Breakfast Creek Road at Albion.

For more information on the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade visit www.ksdupgrade.com.au or www.brisbane.qld.gov.au or call Council on (07) 3403 8888.