Review into bus safety

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has today released an independent expert review into the incident in October last year that resulted in the death of Council’s bus driver Manmeet Sharma.

Council commissioned the review for both bus driver and passenger safety, to determine what happened, to evaluate the response to the incident and advise on any additional safety measures that could be introduced to prevent a similar incident.

The key finding of this review was that no single measure could have prevented this tragedy from occurring.

The Lord Mayor has today given direction for the following actions to be undertaken, in response to the review:
• Upgrade emergency exit signage within Council’s bus fleet
• Prepare and roll out an education program for bus passengers about emergency procedures, including the location of emergency exits
• Expand Council’s driver training program to better equip drivers to respond to violent situations
• Install an additional emergency exit in the back half of the bus, on buses where there is no rear window emergency exit.
• Provide a copy of the review to the State Government for consideration as part of their ongoing bus safety investigation.

Brisbane City Council is the largest bus operator in Queensland, with 1200 buses, 2280 bus drivers and 76 million passenger trips each year.