Mt Coot-tha Zipline assessment proceeds to next stage

Brisbane City Council’s Mt Coot-tha Zipline has been given the green light by the State Government and will now proceed to the final decision making phase of the development application process.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the State Government State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) had advised the zipline development application could proceed to final decision making when the public notification period ends this week.

“I have always been confident the zipline can be built and run in a way that is sensitive to Mt Coot-tha, while providing exciting new ways to experience this tourism destination,” he said.

“The State Government’s key assessment agency was satisfied the zipline did not necessitate any significant clearing of native vegetation for firebreaks and safety buffers as a result of the zipline infrastructure.

“The State Government also said it was satisfied the construction of the zipline take off and lookout platform adjacent to the Summit Lookout would not have an adverse impact on current views.”

Cr Quirk said the Mt Coot-tha Zipline is part of Council’s long term vision for the future by creating more to see and do in the Mt Coot-tha leisure and adventure precinct.

“The zipline should attract about 350,000 visitors a year and generate about 112 new jobs,” he said.

“It has been conservatively estimated around 11,000 to 15,000 people will spend an additional hour in the Mt Coot-tha precinct with the increased amenity associated with the zipline.

Cr Quirk said this new lifestyle and leisure opportunity would be part of an already popular tourist destination and was also would likely increase visitation to businesses in the surrounding area.

“Tourism is a key industry for both South East Queensland and Queensland as a whole, with the sector being worth $14 billion annually,” he said.

“However, recent studies estimated Brisbane currently loses a significant amount of expenditure due to a variety of reasons, including the lack of iconic attractions in the Brisbane area.”

Cr Quirk said he was pleased the State agency reconfirmed there was no need to clear 28 hectares of land as has been falsely claimed.

“Around 200 trees in total will be removed for the Mt Coot-tha Zipline project, which represents just 0.077 per cent of the entire 1600-hectare Mt Coot-tha precinct,” he said.

“For each tree removed there will be eight trees planted within the Mt Coot-tha precinct, so around 1600 new trees will be within the precinct by 2020.”

Formal consultation was still underway after thousands of pages of information, including a summary document, had been released to the public in September. Submissions close Friday 14 December.