Lord Mayor prepares our stormwater drainage network

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is ensuring Brisbane is ready for summer storm season investing in major stormwater infrastructure and maintenance projects across the city.

The Lord Mayor said investment in stormwater drainage projects helped to reduce the impact of flooding on properties and roads by managing water run off during wet weather events.

“We are now in the midst of South East Queensland’s unpredictable storm season, so the importance preparing our stormwater infrastructure cannot be underestimated,” Cr Quirk said.

“Stormwater drainage works help to improve the flood immunity of road networks, reduce stormwater infiltration into the sewer system, and reduce the overflow of stormwater into electrical and telecommunications underground networks in minor flood events.

“Council is investing $37.5 million to fund between 50 to 70 vital stormwater drainage projects this financial year, with a further $16.5 million allocated to repair and maintain the network.”

Cr Quirk said Brisbane’s stormwater pipe network stretches more than 2640 kilometres – the approximate equivalent of a return trip from Brisbane to Canberra.

He said Council strives to keep the network as clean as possible to ensure the system functions well and to safeguard the health of local waterways.

“During the 2011 floods and Australia Day storm event large volumes of mud and silt were deposited in our waterways and ended up in Moreton Bay,” he said.

“This problem creates issues not only for the health of our waterways but for the capacity of our stormwater networks.

“This financial year I am investing $1.06 million in de-silting works and $1.4 million for maintaining stormwater quality devices, which ensure waterways and drains are clean and reduce blockages and restrictions in the system.

“I also pledged $7.2 million to kerb and channel works, which provide an important mechanism for guiding stormwater to a designated drainage point or gully.”

For more information on Council’s preparations for summer storm season visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au or call Council on 07 3414 8888.