Council takes the buzz out of mosquitoes across Brisbane

Helicopters and quad bikes are just some of the tools available in the arsenal of Brisbane City Council’s Mosquito Control Unit as they continue to take the buzz out of the airborne pest.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said Council was always looking towards innovative methods of mosquito management to improve the quality of life for residents.

“Brisbane delivers Australia’s leading mosquito management program, applying a comprehensive approach to combat mosquitos across Brisbane,” Cr Quirk said.

“Council’s Mosquito Control Unit currently manages more than 2500 known freshwater mosquito breeding sites across the city, and around 20,000 hectares of coastal saltmarsh.

“With the help of a helicopter, quad bike teams, utility spray trucks and teams on foot, Council’s mosquito management program has the versatility to reach the pest before they breed at rapid rates.

“While Council’s mosquito control unit work all year round to control the insects, there is expected to be an increase in activity due to recent high tides.

“We have already experienced dry weather over the summer months, which was followed by king tides in late January, which presented an ideal environment for the hatching of mosquito larvae.”

Cr Quirk said Council monitors breeding sites every week to ensure the mosquito life cycle is disrupted so larvae don’t have the chance to mature.

“Council’s mosquito control activities are scientifically managed by two expert entomologists as part of our team to help us target when and where breeding and egg laying occurs,” Cr Quirk said.

“The most effective time to manage mosquitoes is within seven days after rainfall or very high tides, before the larvae can develop into adults.

“We are serious about mosquito management. Our program follows industry best practice methods, using products designed to kill mosquito larvae without harming other aquatic life,

“Brisbane residents can also play their part in reducing the presence of mosquitos by eliminating some of the most popular breeding areas with some simple steps.

“By making sure windows are screened, emptying water from pot plant bases every week or using mosquito coils, residents can help minimise their exposure to mosquitos.”

For more information on Council’s mosquito management program, visit or call Council on (07) 3403 8888.