Car-share movement gets rolling in Brisbane

City Planning Chairman Cr Matthew Bourke has announced that Brisbane City Council is continuing to implement Brisbane’s Future Blueprint, with changes to car sharing and enhanced protection of landmark trees to be put forward in a major amendment to City Plan 2014 at tomorrow’s Council meeting.

Cr Bourke said that Council was taking steps to formalise incentives for new residential and student accommodation developments to include more car-sharing programs, which would provide more travel options to residents.

“During consultation for Plan Your Brisbane, residents were clear that they wanted to get home quicker and safer, with more travel options including public transport and shared transport,” Cr Bourke said.

“Many CBD and inner-city residents want the convenience of access to a car, without the hassle of maintaining it, which is why car share is a great option.

“Council is now proposing car-share spaces be included in City Plan as contributing to the car parking requirements for new unit and rooming accommodation buildings and these provisions will allow for bodies corporate to operate the car-share.”

Cr Bourke said Council was also implementing changes to expand and protect Brisbane’s greenspace, with 180 significant trees proposed to be identified in City Plan 2014, to enhance existing protections.

“Council is committed to achieving 40 per cent natural habitat cover by 2031 to keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable and an important part of this is protecting the city’s environmentally-significant natural landscapes,” Cr Bourke said.

“Council has audited significant trees that contribute to our city’s character and is recommending trees on 110 properties, many in Sherwood and Graceville, receive additional protections to safeguard against removal during future development.

“The trees are already offered some protection under Vegetation Protection Orders through the Natural Assets Local Law, however, this increased protection will deter indiscriminate or pre-emptive removal or damage and will put a stop to their removal for development.

“More than one-third of these trees are in low-density areas that Council will be protecting to ensure these areas remain for single, detached houses.

“The Brisbane backyard is one of the things that residents love about our city and not only are we putting a stop to development of backyards in areas meant for single, detached houses, but we’re protecting our city’s leafy green character.”

Brisbane residents will have the chance to provide feedback on the amendments to City Plan in coming months.