Brisbane continues campaign to stop graffiti vandalism

The Lord Mayor has today upped the ante in the Taskforce Against Graffiti, calling on residents to play their part in putting a stop to vandalism in public spaces across Brisbane.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said that graffiti vandalism on public infrastructure was costing the city millions in repairs each year, diverting funds away from other potential facilities and programs for Brisbane residents.

“Last year Council spent $4 million removing more than 78,000 graffiti tags and replacing public infrastructure that was damaged by graffiti vandalism,” Cr Quirk said.

“Much of the graffiti removed by Council’s Taskforce teams are offensive language and symbols that undermine our city’s reputation as a New World City.

“We are a city that embraces street art and public murals, but graffiti is where public or private property is painted without approval, and we are committed to putting a stop to it.

“Every dollar that is spent removing graffiti or replacing damaged public infrastructure is money that could have otherwise been invested in other benefits for Brisbane residents.

“Brisbane residents play a vital role in helping Council identify graffiti tags quickly, so they can be prioritised for removal, discouraging further graffiti.

“We have 11 graffiti management teams out across our city every day, keeping public spaces graffiti-free and working with businesses and private property owners to remove graffiti.”

Cr Quirk said the Taskforce had been delivering positive results through collaboration with Queensland Police Service, which had resulted in 115 graffiti vandals charged with 5,260 offences last year.

“Council also works closely with Police, Queensland Rail, Department of Transport and Main Roads and community groups such as PCYCs and the Brisbane Skateboarding Association to focus on prevention and removal of graffiti,” he said.

“We also have a comprehensive schools program and in 2016, Council undertook nearly 400 school visits to educate students about damages and risks associated with graffiti.”

In 2016 the top 5 graffiti hotspots were:
1. South Brisbane – 2518 Tags
2. West End – 2036 tags
3. Woolloongabba – 1702 tags
4. Kangaroo Point – 1314 tags
5. Paddington – 1246 tags

For more information, or to report graffiti, visit or call Council on (07) 3403 8888.